In a wild west backdrop, characters like Briss Lee, (The Taekwon Toothbrush) and Doc Floss (The Fastest Floss in Town) do battle with enemies like, Sir Tartar, Jack Plaque, and Ginger Vitis. The Toothytown stories teach young readers about solving problems and practicing good oral hygiene in a fun new way.

Book 1: “Where is Florence Fluoride”

Florence, the town toothpaste, disappears while a mysterious guest arrives in town and says he has a shortcut for taking care of teeth.

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Book 2: “The Good, The Bad, and the Crooked” 

The town’s hygiene supplies are missing, smelly germ goats have taken over, and the Crooked Gand is bent of revenge.

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Clean-up Crew Coloring and Activity Book

Help the Clean-up Crew keep Toothytown clean and healthy. Keep the Build-up Bandits away in this fun coloring activity book featuring all the favorite characters and some new ones.

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About the Author

Adam Bain (1972 – ) was born in Virginia and grew up in the Chicago area. He’s been drawing cartoons and writing short stories since he was a kid. He is a published cartoonist and illustrator and for 20 plus years he has been a video game artist and art director. He has published several board games including one that won the 2010 Mensa Award. In addition to games, he has written and directed an award winning short movie, a web series, and recently completed his first feature screenplay, while creating VFX for film and tv. His dentist wife inspired him to write and illustrate the Toothytown of the 2th Dimension series of books.

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